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Maritime-related courses -  Bachelors and Masters Degree

Applied Marine Geoscience

Civil structural and Coastal Engineering

Coastal Marine Biology

Commercial and Maritime Law

Economics (Marine Transport and Logistic Economics)

Engineering in the coastal Environment

Environment and Resources Protection Law

Facilities Management

Finance (Shipping Finance)

Fisheries Technology

Geography with Maritime studies


Hydrogeology and Water Management


Hydroinformatics and Water Management (Euro Aquae)

Hydrology and Water Resources Management

International Law and Maritime Law

International Maritime Policy

International Maritime Studies (Ship and Shipping Management)

International Shipping

International Supply Chain and Shipping Management

International Trade

International Trade & Economics

Machinery Electronics Engineering (Port Machinery)

Marine and Offshore Engineering

Marine and Offshore Power System

Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology

Marine Biology

Marine Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Marine Electrical Power Technology

Marine Engineering

Marine Environment and Resource

Marine Environmental & Ocean Management

Marine Environmental Protection

Marine History

Marine Pollution Prevention and Management

Marine Renewable Energy

Marine Resource Developments and Protection

Marine Resource Management

Marine Safety & Environmental Protection

Marine Science, Policy and Law

Marine Ship Captain & Deck

Marine Structure and integrity

Marine Studies

Marine Surveying

Marine Technology (International)

Marine Transport with Management

Marine Zoology

Maritime and Marine Law

Maritime Archaeology

Maritime Business and Logistics

Maritime Business and Management

Maritime Business and Maritime Law

Maritime disputes and Arbitration

Maritime Engineering and Management

Maritime Engineering Science

Maritime Environmental Management

Maritime Law

Maritime Law & Policy

Maritime Law and E-Commerce Law

Maritime Law and Telecommunications Law

Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Maritime Management

Maritime Operations

Maritime Operations Management

Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration

Maritime Security

Maritime Studies

Mechanical and Marine Engineering

Mechanical Design, Manufacture & Automation

Nautical Science

Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Naval Architecture with Ocean Engineering

Naval Architecture with Small Craft Engineering

Navigation and Maritime Science

Ocean sciences


Oceans, Climate and Physical Geography

Offshore Floating Systems

Offshore Renewable Energy

Oil and Gas Engineering

Oil and Gas Engineering Management

Oil and Gas Management

Petroleum and Environmental Technology

Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Port and Maritime Management

Port, Fairway and Coast Engineering

Port, Shore and Offshore Engineering

Safety Engineering

Sea level and climate Change

Ship & Offshore Structures

Ship & Offshore Technology

Ship and Ocean Engineering

Ship Science

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping, Trade and Finance

Subsea Engineering

Sustainable Civil Engineering (Maritime)

Technical Ship Management

Thermal Energy & Power Engineering

Transport Planning and Management

Water, Energy and the Environment