Architectural Engineering Design

Architectural Intelligence and Computer Science

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Naval Architecture with Ocean Engineering

Naval Architecture with High Performance Marine Vehicles

Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Advertising, Marketing



Accounting with Management

Accountancy and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Accountancy with Financial Services

Accounting & Financial Management

Accounting & Financial Management and Economics

Accounting & Financial Management and Mathematics

Business Administration

Business law & Business Enterprise

Business Law & Hopitality

Business Law & Marketing

Business and Human Resource Management

Business Behaviours

Business and Journalism

Business and Management Studies

Business and Management

Business and Marketing Management

Business Management (Marketing)

Business Management with Finance

Business and Financial Management

Business Economics

Business Economics

Business Management and Social Policy

Business Management and mathematics

Business and Retail Management

Business Operations Management

Business Studies

Business Studies with Environmental Management

Business Studies with Financial Services

Global Business Management

Banking and Finance


Advertising and Marketing Communications

Air Transport and Logistics Management


Economics and Accounting

Economics and Business

Economics and Business Enterprise

Economics and International Development

Economics and International Relations

Economics and Philosophy

Economics and Politics

Economics with Finance

Economics, Finance and Management

Economic and Management Studies

Economics and Mathematics

Economics, Mathematics and Statistics


Finance and Business

Finance and Management

Finance with Human Resourse Management

Financial Economics

Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics with Business

Globalisation and Internationalisation

Human Resource Management

International Business

International business Management

International Business and Economics

International Business and Finance

International Business with Marketing

Management Studies (Finance)

Management Studies (Marketing)

Management Studies (Organisation Studies)

Management with Human Resourses

Management Studies and Economics

Management Studies with Politics

Management Studies**

Management Transport and Logistics

Management with Entrepreneurer

Management with sustainability

Management Information

Management with information systems

Managing Innovation, Science and Technology (minor only)

Maritime Business and Management


Marketing and Management

Marketing with Public Relations

Engineering, Technology

Aeronuatical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Aeronautical and Areospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering with Private Pilot Instruction

Aerospace Materials

Aviation Management

Aviation Technology and Management

Automotive Engineering

Automotive and Motorsport Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Chemical and petroleum engineering

Chemical Engineering with Energy

Chemical and materials Engineering

Chemical and Energy Engineering

Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering and Computer Science

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering with Project Management

Chemistry with Chemical Engineering

Control and automation Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronic and Communication Engineering

Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering and Computer Systems

Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology

Electronic Engineerng with space systems

Electrionic Engineering with Audio visual systems

Electronics and software Engineering

Electronic and renewable energy systems

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering with Industrial Experience

Electronics with Music and Audio Systems (with industrial experience)

Energy Engineering

Creative Technology

Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering

Fire Engineering / Safety

Construction Project Management


Applied Chemical and Pharmaceutical sciences


Biochemistry and Genetics****!

Biochemistry and Microbiology**** !

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Biology (Molecular and Cellular)

Biology and Biochemistry

Biomedical Sciences

Biological Sciences

Biology Science

Biosystems Engineering

Bioveterinary Sciences

BioPharmaceutical Science

Applied Psychology

Food Science

Food Science and Microbiology

Food Nutrition and Health

Food Nutrition/ Nutrition & Health

Food Science and Nutrition


Forensic Biology

Forensic Science

Forensic Science and Psychology

Forensic and Analytical Chemistry

Forensic and Analytical Science


Genetics and Microbiology****!

Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology****!

Human Interactions

Human Geography

Human Geography

Human Physiology

Health and Community Development

Health and Human Sciences

Health/Health Science

Geology, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Environment


Applied and Computational Mathematics

Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics

Actuarial mathematics


Mathematics with Physics

Mathematics with statistics

Mathematics with Finance

Mathematics with Finance and Accounting

Mathematics with Economics

Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Economics

Mathematical Studies

Mathematics with Business

Mathematics with Business Management

Mathematics, Business Management and Finance


Chemistry with Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Chemistry with Forensic Science

Chemistry with Forensic Investigation

Chemistry with Industrial Experience

Environmental Biology

Environmental Science

Environmental Science with Business Management

Environmental Management with Business

Environmental Harzards and Disaster Management

Environmental Management

Geography and International Relations

Geography and International Development

Geography with Business Management

Geography and Planning



Geology with Geophysics

Geological Sciences

Geophysical Sciences

Disaster Management

Ecology and Conservation Biology !

Ecology, Conservation and Management

Ecology and Environmental Biology

Computer, IT, Technology

Applied Computer Science

Cyber Security & Computer Forensics with Business

Computer Engineering

Computer Forensics

Computer Games Design

Computer Games Programming

Computer Information System

Computer Science and Mathematics

Computer Science with Mathematics

Computer Security

Computer Systems Engineering

Computer and Electronic Systems


Computing for Digital Media

Computer Science and Multimedia

Computing and information technology

Computer Science

Computing Science

Computer Science with Industrial Experience

Computing with Management

Computing with Business

Computing for Business and Management

Computer Science with Business Management

Computer Science with Business Management and Accounting

Games and Multimedia Environments (GAME)

Games Development/ Technology

Games Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Information Technology Management for Business

Information and Communication Technologies with Business Management

Information System

Information Systems/ Technology

Information and Communications Technology

Law, International Relations, Criminology, Sociology, Psychology


Law with Business and Management

Law with International Relations

Law with International Studies

Law with Politics

Law and Business

Law and Economics

Law and Criminology

Law Criminal and Justice

LLB English and European Law

Law with a Modern Language

International Politics and Security Studies

International Relations

International Studies/ Relations

International Relations and History

History and international Relations

International Relations**

International Relations and Anthropology

International Relations and Development

International Relations and Sociology

International Relations and Politics

International Relations with Media and Communications

International Relation with Psychology

International Development

International Communication

Criminal Justice and Criminology


Criminology and Pychology

Criminology and Sociology

Criminology and Forensic Science

Criminology and History

Criminology and Human Rights

Criminology and Politics

Arts, History, Philosophy, Education


Art Management

Ancient History and Archaeology *

Ancient History and Culture

Contemporary Art and Illustration

Contemporary Arts

Contemporary History

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics (minor only)

Costume with Textiles

Creative Writing (minor only)

Drama / Theatre

Dental Materials




Anthropology and Cultural Studies

Anthropology and History

Anthropology and International Development




English and Creative Writing

English and French Law *

English Language (minor only)

English, Language and Business Enterprise

English, Language and Education

English Literature (minor only)

French and Italian *

French and Spanish *

History *

History and American Studies

History and Archaeology *

History and Politics

History and Sociology

History of Art **

History of Art

History with Psychology

Human Rights with Psychology

Media, Journalism, Film, Fashion

Broadcast Media Production

Broadcast Journalism

Digital Electronics

Digital Media

Digital Media Arts

Digital Film Production

Film and Media

Film Studies

Film Studies and the Visual Arts

Film and Media

Film and Video Production Engineering

Audio and Music Production

Fashion Journalism

Fashion Communication and Promotion

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production

Fashion Design with Textiles

Graphic Design

Tourism, Sports, Exercise

Tourism Management

Travel and Tourism

Event Management

Facilities Management

Exercise Science

Exercise Nutrition and Health

Exercise, Health and Fitness

Hopitality Management

Hospitality Business Management

Hospitality Business Management with a Modern Language

Building Survey

Interior Design

International Tourism Management

International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Journalism Studies


Magazine Journalism

Landscape Architecture


Leadership and Management (minor only)

Leisure, Sport and Consumption (minor only)

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering with Management

Mechanical Engineering with International Studies

Mechanical Marine and Management

Mechatronics and Robotic Engineering*

Mass Communications

Media Technology

Media and Communication

Media and Cultural Service

Media and Society

Media Practice

Media Studies (major/minor only)

Media, Culture and Communication


Medical Genetics

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Engineering

Medical Biology

Medical Genetics

Medical Neuroscience

Medicinal Chemistry

Medical Microbiology****!

Medical Materials with Industrial Experience

Materials Science and Engineering (Industrial Management)


Migration and Development (minor only)

Modern Language Studies *


Molecular Biology

Motorsport Engineering

Multimedia Computing


Music Technology and Audio Systems

Materials Science and Engineering

Natural Science

Nautical Science

Network Computing

Network Comunication


Nutrition and Food Science

Nutrition and Public Health


Neuroscience with Cognitive Science

Oil & Gas

Petroleum Engineering

Peace Studies and Philosophy


Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Science


Philosophy *



Physics with Astronomy

Plantenary Science with Astronomy

Physics and Astrophysics

Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics

Physics with Computer Science

Physics with Medical Physics

Physics with Quantum Technologies

Physic with Philosophy

Physical Geography

Physical Sciences


Politics / Poltical Science

Politics with Business Management

Politics and Criminology

Politics and Economics

Politics with Sociology

Politics with Psychology

Politics and International Relations

Politics with International Relations

Politics and Philosophy

Product Design

Product Engineering and Management


Psychosocial studies

Psychology with Business Management

Psychology with Clinical Approaches

Psychology with Cognitive Science

Psychology with Economics

Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience

Psychology with Counselling

Psychology with Criminology

Psychology with Neuroscience

Psychology with History

Psychology with Human Rights

Psychology with International Relations

Physiological Sciences


Public Health

Public Relations

Quantity Surveying

Real Estate Management

Religion and Education

Science and Culture (minor only)

Social Computing

Social Work / Policy

Social Policy

Social Policy and Criminology

Social Policy and Sociology

Social Policy and Enterprise


Sociology and Criminology

Sociology and Psychology


Sociology and Cultural Studies

Sociology and International Development

Sociology and Business Management

Sociology and Media Studies

Software Development for Business

Software Engineering

Software Engineering / Design

Speech and Language Sciences

Sport Science

Sports Management

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Sport, Exercise & Nutrition

Sports Coaching

Sport Analysis and Coaching

Sports and Exercise Management

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Energy Engineering

Supply Chain Management


Surveying (Quantity Surveying)

Systems and Control Engineering with Management

Systems and Control Engineering*


Theoretical Physics

Transport and Logistics Management

Travel and Tourism Management

Urban Studies

Urban Studies and Planning

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Biosciences

Wildlife Conservation

Youth and Community Work



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