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University Admissions and Visa Advisory


Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Advertising, Marketing

BA International Business (Top Up)

BA International Business (Top-Up)

BA International Business and Trade (Top-Up)

BA International Business Administration (Top Up) (Year 2/3 Entry)

BA Applied Business (Top Up)

BA International Business Management (Top-Up)

BA Business and Management (Human Resources) (Top-Up)

BA Business Management (Finance) (Top-Up)

BA Business Management (Innovation) (Top-Up)

BA Business Management (Marketing) (Top-Up)

BSc Business with Business Communication (Top-Up)

BA Management (Marketing) (Top-Up)

BA Business Management (Project Management) (Top-Up)

BA Business Management (Supply Chain Management) (Top-Up)

BA Accountancy and Financial Management (Top-Up)

BA Accounting and Finance for International Business (Top Up)

BA Business Finance and Accounting (Top-Up)

BA International Accountancy (Top-Up)

BA International Advertising (Top Up)

BA International Marketing (Top Up)

BA Financial Services (Top-Up)

BA Finance with Business Communication (Top-Up)

BSc Human Communication Science (Top-Up)

BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top-Up)

BA International Trade, Logistics and Business Communication (Top-Up)

BA Leadership, Business and Management (Top-Up)

BSc International Disaster Management (Top Up)

BSc Emergency and Disaster Management (Top Up)

BA Environmental Management (Top Up)

BA Human Resource Management (Top Up)

BA International Event & Hospitality Management (Top Up)

BA International Tourism Management (Top Up)

BA Tourism Management (Top-Up)

BA English for Business (Top Up)

BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Top-Up)

BA Logistics and Business Communication (Top-Up)

BSc Global Logistics (Top Up)

Engineering, Computing, IT

B Eng Electronics and Eletrical Engineering (Top-Up)

BEng Tech Aerospace Engineering (Top-Up)

BEng Tech Civil Engineering (Top-Up)

BEng Tech Civil Engineering with Disaster Management (Top-Up)

BEng Tech Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Top-Up)

BEng Electronic Systems Engineering (Top-Up)

BEng Tech Mechanical Engineering (Top-Up)

BEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Top-Up)

BEng Tech Petroleum and Gas Engineering (Top-Up)

BSc Design Engineering (Top-Up)

BEng Engineering Business Management (Top Up)

BEng Engineering Business Management (Top Up)

BSc Computer System Engineering (Top-up)

BSc Business Information Systems (Top-Up)

BSc Computing and Information Systems (Top-Up)

BSc Informatics (Top Up)

BA Graphic Design (Top-up)


BA Public Health Studies (Top Up)

BSc Nursing (Top Up)

BA Occupational Therapy (Top Up)

BSc Nursing (Top-Up)


LLB Law (2-years)

BA Broacast Media Production (Top-Up)

BA Dance/Drama /Music (Top-Up)

BSc Applied Sport and Exercise (Top-Up)

BA Education and Training Studies (Top-Up)

BSc Sports Science and Management (Top-Up)

BSc Football Coaching Science (Top-Up)

BA Sport and Community Development Degree (Top-Up)

BSc Agriculture (Top-Up)

BSc Agriculture, Conservation and Sustainable Management (Top up)

Degree Top-up Courses (1 year)  -  For HND, Post Graduate Diploma, Third-Class Degree holders OR change of career/profession